The Power is in the data: Data capture, and how it helps me help you!

In the blog entitled “Why managing energy data is critical to the success of your business,” I’ve outlined some of the advantages of understanding your energy data. My purpose for sharing that information with you was to illustrate the fact that the “power “ is all in the data.

Not only am I urging YOU to pay closer attention to your energy data, but as a fellow business owner I practice what I preach.  I take energy data very seriously; so seriously that it has become the foundation to all of my company’s (Powerhouse Management Services) service offerings.

Powerhouse Management Services operates in 3 major service areas: Utility Data Management, Energy Controls Management, and Facility Maintenance. In this blog you will see why energy data is vital to the success of my business as yours alike.

Utility Data Management:

In order to provide a valuable service to clients, energy management companies must first get their hands on the data. Data fuels our Utility Data Management Service because it gives us the information that we need in order to optimize our clients’ energy spending (by saving them money). Energy data allows us to get to the root of our clients’ energy overspending by illuminating inconsistencies in their business’ energy usage.  Without the data, we couldn’t provide utility data management services to our clients, and energy overspending would be an ongoing issue for businesses worldwide.

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Facility Maintenance:

Have you ever wondered what really happens when a vendor repairs one of your business’ HVAC units, refrigerators, or deli slicers? They invoice you for the time spent in your store, but does your management team really know how much time that they were really in your location servicing your equipment?  Unfortunately there are some dishonest vendors out there who will in some instances embellish there tracked time, and overcharge your business. For a multi- site business this can result in thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of dollars in facility maintenance overspending.

By providing one point of contact to your locations through our Customer Support Center, Powerhouse will manage the dispatching of your vendors to site, detailing the work that was completed, auditing the vendor invoices against the work that was actually performed, posting all information to our online client portal and reporting back to you regarding important details such as monthly accruals, yearly budgeting, etc. All invoicing data is provided to the client in a format, which enables it to be imported directly into your accounting software, thereby reducing the data entry that your accounting department previous completed. Powerhouse also offers the ability of having us process payments to your vendors as well, further reducing your previous accounting costs.  The power is in the DATA!

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Energy Controls Management:

Integrating a system that enables your locations’ internal climate and lighting systems to be controlled remotely can really benefit your business. The only issue is that when companies sell these systems to businesses they sell the system as a foolproof, “it practically runs itself” type of system, however more often then not this does not prove to be the reality.

My company’s (Powerhouse Management Services) “Energy Controls Management Service” is backed by a 24/7 customer service center that will control your systems, and/or offer customer service to your management team in times of need. We can control the timers on your lighting systems, HVAC systems and other energy consuming systems within your locations to save your business money.

What takes this service to the next level is when our clients incorporate our “Energy Data Management Service” into our “Energy Controls Management Service”. The combination of these two services introduces data to the equation, which enables us to pinpoint savings related to control changes. So not only are we able to control your consumption through our “Energy Controls Management Service”, but we are also capable of utilizing the data that is generated to make wise decisions that put money back where it belongs… IN YOUR POCKET!

Keep your business’ profits in the bank, outsource your business’ energy management and data capture today.

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