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The Power is in the data: Data capture, and how it helps me help you!

In the blog entitled “Why managing energy data is critical to the success of your business,” I’ve outlined some of the advantages of understanding your energy data. My purpose for sharing that information with you was to illustrate the fact that the “power “ is all in the data. Not only am I urging YOU […]

Why managing energy data is critical to the success of your business

Greetings everyone, I’m going to dive straight into the water today and say that the priority for nearly every business is to generate profits, and to reduce costs to the business. Over the years energy companies have employed complex billing systems/ methods that don’t always benefit businesses, and the need for an intermediary such as […]

Welcome to Wayne’s World!

Greetings everyone, My name is Wayne and I’m glad that you’re reading this blog post. To be totally honest this is my first blog, and I’m extremely excited about having a place where I can share some of my knowledge regarding the energy industry and how to manage your energy data (as a business). There […]