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I am an Air Force Brat. Born in Marville France my family transferred to Ottawa, Canada when I was 4 years old. My Father retired and the family moved to Guelph, Ontario when I started high school. After high school I followed the the path of adventure and headed for Banff Alberta to see what the Rockies were all about! I quickly became hooked on the beauty of the area, and found an uncommon affinity for skiing. I spent 5 years in Banff working in the restaurant/hospitality industry and then headed to warmer skiing south of the border in Lake Tahoe California. With 19 high quality ski resorts within 30 minutes of one of the most scenic lakes in North America, it was a skiers paradise. Although only planning to spend 1 winter in Tahoe and then return to Canada, I met my future Wife (Sunny), had our Son (Matt) and began a career in cabinetmaking with a side business making ski videos for the tourists visiting the area. We remained in California for another 4 years and then decided it was time to get closer to Family, so we made the move back to Ottawa and have settled here since 1991.

While in California, I became a Certified Millright which provided an overall skillset for all carpentry aspects from architectual millwork to cabinetmaking. Upon our return to Ottawa I worked for 10 years within the industry for others and myself. Through a strange set of circumstances, in early 2001 I was asked to prepare a white paper regarding the deregulation of the electricity marketplace (in Ontario). Eventually this paper found it’s way to a one of Canada’s largest national retailers and I was asked if I would be willing to provide ongoing consulting advice concerning their energy procurement portfolio. Obviously this was a great opportunity. We accepted, and it served as the  foundation to the 10- year building and development of  what is Powerhouse Management Services.

On a personal level, my woodworking has diminished to a hobby or renovation work around our home. Skiing days are few and far between as the “Eastern hills” of Ontario are hard pressed to compete with the thrill of the Western Rockies. My bad knees and back have now steered me towards a less physical activity of curling which I took up 10 years ago and like to think I have become very competitive at.